How to clean and maintain office chairs more scientific?

Release time:2018-01-22

The office seats that are usually purchased, if not properly cleaned, tend to shorten the service life of the seats, and it is important to clean the seats reasonably and scientifically.

Common office chair materials are: PU, mesh, leather, cloth, wood, plastic, and so on.

PU, mesh cloth office chair cleaning: PU material is a kind of artificial synthetic leather material, this material is beautiful and easier to take care of than the leather appearance. The armrests of the seats are made of pu material. During the cleaning process, they are usually wiped with a wet towel to remove most of the stains. If necessary, leather cleaners or leather brighteners can be used to make the pu material more durable and durable. As for the net cloth, some of the nets used for the backrests or seat covers of the chairs can be cleaned with a brush and cleaned. The material of this net cloth is wear-resistant and air-dried relatively quickly, and there is no need to worry about the possibility of brushing. Leather office chair cleaning: because the cortex is not very breathable, summer users back sweat easily, so just bought home leather office chair, use maintenance wax in the office chair smear a protective film to prevent sweat and dirt into the Leather office chair skin, of course, do not use water to scrub, dry for a long time will cause the dermis to harden, feel not as soft as just bought. The maintenance time is usually once a month, and it can be maintained once a week for the season when it is easy to sweat in summer.

Fabric office chair cleaning: Wipe with detergent gently, you can also use warm water + detergent to wipe, but avoid using a brush to wipe, if you use a brush to wipe the fabric will be damaged, resulting in pilling, a long time office chair It looks very old.

Solid wood office chairs: use a dry cloth to gently wipe directly, you can use a little detergent, but remember not to wipe with a damp cloth after wiping the table, do not wipe in the sun after exposure, otherwise it will lead to wood becomes rot , reduce the use of quality.

Plastic Office Chairs: Plastic chairs are usually charged with strong static electricity and are prone to dust and dirt. Soda ash and detergent can be washed clean or with a cleanser or a spot of cleanser.

Office chair stains can be cleaned, but different materials of office chair cleaning methods are not the same, reasonable cleaning can extend the life of the chair.