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  • Computer chair, office chair, ergonomic chair purchasing skills


    1. Cushion Inferior computer chairs, office chairs, and ergonomic chair chairs are cost-effective to reduce costs. Better computer chairs, office chairs, and ergonomic chairs generally use full-mesh cushions that cost more. Sitting, there is a very soft,

  • How to replace the office chair's universal wheel


    The wheel is the so-called activity castor, and its structure allows 360 degrees of horizontal rotation. Castors are collectively referred to as movable castors and fixed casters. Fixed casters have no rotating structure, they cannot rotate horizontally b

  • How to choose the best office chair?


    1, the choice of office chair can adjust the sitting position of an office chair is the primary criterion of good or bad, is whether it can help the user to adjust to the best sitting position, because only maintain a good sitting position, can make the s