Computer chair, office chair, ergonomic chair purchasing skills

Release time:2018-01-22


Poor computer chairs, office chairs, and ergonomic chair chairs are very low cost to reduce costs. Better computer chairs, office chairs, and ergonomic chairs generally use full mesh cushions, which are costly and sit high. There is a very soft, comfortable feeling and a good sense of sitting.


Computer chairs, office chairs, and ergonomic chairs are all about comfort and safety. They have a sense of support. Some chairs are loose on the back and are prone to noise. Such chairs are easily broken and have potential safety hazards. It is best for backrests. It is possible to adjust the height so that the chair is flexible and can be used by people of different heights. It is important not to neglect the importance of the backrest when choosing a chair.


When you are sitting at a computer, typing your hands on the keyboard, this is where the handrail must have some support for the arm and improve comfort.


According to the curvature of the normal human spine, the waist and back cannot be placed on the same plane. Therefore, whether or not the head restraint is adjustable is generally determined according to the individual's needs. The headrest area is large enough to make people's brains relaxed and not so much oppressive. At the same time, the headrest has a certain degree of curvature, which can keep the human body's cervical curve and the headrest perfectly fit. The material of the headrest surface is made of soft surface material, which can largely indicate our comfort.

5.Chair foot pulley

For selecting the chair leg pulley, pay attention to whether the sliding is smooth and smooth, and whether it can rotate freely on rough and flexible surfaces such as carpets and carpets. In terms of materials, it is better to use metal pulleys with stronger abrasion resistance, and excellent products responsible for workmanship. It will wrap the flexible rubber around the metal pulleys, while ensuring the long life of the metal pulleys, it also uses the good grip of the rubber products and reduces the damage to the floor.

6.Fabric material

When choosing the right chair surface material, we should choose breathable fabrics and materials. The human body must maintain a balance with the external environment. Now the fabrics on the market are basically leather, composite plastic, and mesh fabrics. The leather fabrics look like. More high-end, but there are big problems in cleaning, and it is easy to get hot in summer. It is not recommended here. Mesh fabrics have good softness and air permeability, and they can satisfy most of us. need.